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About My Business

My name is Calev Grubbs and I am the Owner and Founder of 31Enterprise.

When I was young, I spent many days working with my dad on construction sites, talking to subcontractors, and observing. It was my dad who inspired me to start my own business once I graduated Clemson in 2021 and I hit the ground running. At first, 31Enterprise focused on commercial landscaping and construction, but now we specialize in construction and renovations.

I always knew I wanted to be a business owner. That I never wanted to be an Employee. I wanted to answer to Myself and hold Myself accountable. I had ambitions to own a company myself one day and grow it into something huge. That is what we are doing with 31Enterprise. 

If you’re wondering - 31Enterprise became the name of my business because it symbolizes hard work and dedication. During my time playing collegiate baseball at App State, before Clemson, I wore the number 31 with pride on the back of my jersey. Just like I wore that number with pride, I will do the same with this business for my customers. 

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